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Women in Tech: Leadership and Confidence with Jama Temirova (Part 2)

We discuss Jama’s thoughts on leadership and confidence for women in tech in achieving leadership in a male-dominated industry.

Leadership and Confidence: What does female leadership look like in a male dominated industry?

As quoted by Jama, men and women are not the same, and we step into leadership with different styles.

“Men are more likely to focus on a single goal and lead according to that one objective [and] women are more likely to focus on accumulating a collection of skill sets and goals.”

With that being said, there are also “male leaders who attribute more to female leadership” and “female leaders who attribute more to male leadership.”

As indicated by Jama, it is essential for women to lead according to their own style, and not feel the need to replicate male leadership because both have their own style.

As quoted by Jama:

“[women should] step up and go for it.” 

Jama goes on to share her personal struggle in maintaining confidence in being a female leader, where there was a fine line between being viewed as under confident in contrast to being overconfident.

When asked about tips on maintaining confidence as a leader, Jama shared with us that it is important to “just be yourself.”

It may sound cliche, but leadership and confidence are internal aspects of who we are. As indicated by Jama, we must learn to “love ourselves” and lead according to our own confidence as women.

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