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Navigating Burnout with Melanie Ewan: Fireside Chat and Roundtable

Feeling Burnout? Join us as we discussion the common signs of burnout. Learn how to successfully navigate burnout with our amazing guest speaker, Melanie Ewan, who shared her stories and tips on experiencing and overcoming the effects of burnout.

Women in the Workplace: Leadership and Confidence with Jama Temirova (Part 2)

Continuing as part of our interview with Jama Temirova, the second part of our interview focus on Jama’s advice in leadership, confidence and negotiation as she shared her experiences in working with both male and female leaders.

Women in the Workplace: Breaking Past Barriers in the Tech Industry with Jama Temirova (Part 1)

In part one of our interview, we asked Jama to share her thoughts, advice and tips on achieving success in the tech industry for women.

Navigating Conflict in the Workplace: Fireside Chat and Discussion with Stephanie Redivo

Our speaker, Stephaine Redivo shared her expertise to lead our discussion on how to successfully navigate conflict at the workplace.

What is Mentorship?

Panel Discussion Featuring Nataizya Mukwavi and Jama Temirova Earlier this month, we facilitated a roundtable discussion with our team of…

Locelle joins Microsoft Accelerator (Women in Cloud) cohort 4.0

Our team at Locelle is so excited to have been selected to be part of the 4.0 Cohort of the…

Navigating Privilege in the Workplace

“I define privilege as an unearned power. It is a special group that has these unearned, special rights.” Stephanie Redivo…

Member Profile: Meredith Garritsen

CEO and Founder of Hervana, Meredith Garritsen, shares details on how her company came to be, as well as how…

Interview with Sophia Pugh

Sophia Pugh, District Vice President at Scotiabank; first navigated through the tech world, now thriving in retail.  Why did Sophia…

How to Protect Mental Health and Navigate Stress

Adjusting to the “new normal” of COVID-19 has been difficult for all. However, many would agree that this has opened…