COVID-19 and The Effects on Women In The Workforce Locelle

COVID-19 and The Effects on Women In The Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has had disproportionate impacts on women in the workforce. And The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), recently published an in-depth article by Catherine Skrzypinski on this issue.

Skrzypinski consults non-profit and Locelle’s partner Minerva BC, in the feature. Their CEO, Tina Strehlke discusses the importance of positive workplace changes that took place during the pandemic, including flexibility related to working from home. She states that women in the workforce must continue to be supported:

“Companies looking to return their women employees to the workplace—and maximize their talents when they get there—will need to consider how they can support women from a mental health and well-being perspective… and maintaining flexible work schedules for women who choose to work from home, while continuing to advocate for child and elder care.”

Despite steps taken in a positive direction, women have faced professional challenges. Skrzypinski references an SAP Canada survey showing that women in technology have experienced slowed career growth. On this topic, Locelle’s CEO Humaira Ahmed shares that:

“Women in executive positions are really struggling.”

Strehlke stresses that employers must recognize how bias holds women back in the workplace. For women, a linear trajectory towards C-suite positions in Canada is often not the path taken; a more complicated path to leadership requires more support and resources.

Locelle is pleased to offer women support in growth areas as they work towards professional development. As part of the program there are monthly discussions with industry leaders on important work-related topics including negotiation, and the regular blog posts containing further information on these professional development topics.

Find out more by reading the full article by SHRM here.

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