VSW Recap: Top tips on becoming a successful leader and negotiation expert Locelle

VSW Recap: Top tips on becoming a successful leader and negotiation expert

On May 27th, 2021, Locelle hosted a panel event for Vancouver Startup Week on the topics of leadership and negotiation. We were joined by two incredibles speakers, Vivienne Damatan, Founder at “Lead on Purpose” and leadership expert, as well as Natasha Jeshani, CEO and Founder of “Career Contacts” and negotiation expert. Both coming to the table with years of experience, these women laid out top tips and key takeaways to keep in mind as one journeys to success in the workplace. 


Top 5 points from Vivienne Damatan on Leadership:

  1. Leadership at its core is a practice of practices; for those of you who aren’t inherently good at leadership, get good feedback from people you trust, take time to reflect and keep practicing.”
  2. “Leadership isn’t about title or authority. It’s the energy and the purpose by which you lead yourself each day and how you serve others.”
  3. “Know and stay grounded in yourself so that you can easily identify if you need to act on something to support your team or if the most helpful thing you could do is get out of the way.”
  4. “Sometimes it can get lonely as a leader – intentionally building yourself a community of support can make a huge difference.”
  5. “When you mess up, revisit your values, connect with yourself and your team, get some feedback and show yourself some compassion and then try again.”

Top 5 points from Natasha Jeshani on Negotiation:

  1. Don’t feel pressured to answer immediately in a negotiation.”
  2. “You don’t have to negotiate. Organizations are learning that often putting their best foot forward first can create a much more amicable atmosphere.”
  3. Be prepared so that you can build confidence to ask for what’s fair. Have research to back you up and talk to people in the industry for advice when needed.”
  4. “Remember that your network is your net-worth.”
  5. Know your boundaries and where you want to draw the line before going into a negotiation. If you aren’t happy coming away, it will show.”
We are thrilled to have taken part in this VSW event and be able to reach entrepreneurs, investors, leaders and friends alike. It was a great opportunity to gain key insights and value on the topics of leadership and negotiation – both of which are hugely important tools in essentially every facet of life. 
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About Locelle: Locelle is an employer-funded career development platform created for women in male-dominated industries. Through 1:1 tailored mentorship and professional development opportunities, Locelle delivers personal and professional growth to women at work. Their goal is to facilitate retention of top talent, employee engagement and development of the gender diverse leadership pipeline.
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