BCTECH Summit - Locelle Digital Demo and Exhibit

Locelle Digital at #BCTECHSummit

We just wrapped up 3 invigorating days at BCTECH Summit this past week where we networked, exhibited and made meaningful connections. The event itself was highly impressive – the organization, the set up, the speakers, the calibre of attendees and dare i mention – the delicious food was an absolute treat!

Locelle Digital team had an exciting time as we did our first ever demo at the summit, made new friends and business connections. The one thing that absolutely stood out was how open and enthusiastic every single attendee was – whether it was students looking for placements, companies looking to hire, or businesses looking to expand, the energy was palpable.

It is events like these that truly transform how we think about business, culture, innovation and growth. Especially, as a woman in tech, it is imperative to meet and hear from incredible female entrepreneurs and speakers who work to bring about positive change in our workplaces.

The highlight for me was attending Women Who Tech, a powerful event hosted by Jill Earthy. Jody Kovitz of #movethedial was exceptional in how she shared her story that left every single person in the room inspired and wanting to make a change. Hearing from companies and leaders about the challenges they face and how they continuously strive for a positive culture for women in tech was a real treat.

Locelle was excited to demo our platform to attendees. We had a 98% conversion rate from the women who visited the booth and signed up to be included in our beta! That just blew us away – and this kind of market validation can’t be beat! We barely ever had a moment to breathe – a great problem to have!

Our booth had a lot of traffic but again, we had champagne for a raffle 😉

Not only did I get to meet some of the smartest minds who work at companies like Google and Microsoft, we built connections and learned about the exciting things we are all working on.

Overall, the experience was fantastic and if you are in tech or just looking to be inspired, this event is a must attend! Thanks to BCIC and the Government of Canada for putting on such an amazing event to inspire, influence, collaborate and grow.

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