Feeling Lonely? You are not alone! Loneliness affects millions of women

Feeling Lonely?

You are not alone!

Did you know that loneliness affects millions of people in countries across the world? I believe it! One of the reasons why I founded Locelle is because I was feeling lonely. Not just in my professional life as an independent contractor, but also in my personal life. My friendships have changed and evolved over the years and at each new stage and transition of my life, I have craved a new connection — a meaningful connection.

Sadly, we live in digital times that seem to ‘connect’ us but truly disconnect us from real world and people. Loneliness is so prevalent that in UK, there is now a Minister for Loneliness – check out the article here.

My vision with Locelle is to create real connections and promote face to face female connections. I am so excited to bring all you ladies a safer and easier way to meet like-minded women nearby! Sign up here to get early access to the platform today!

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