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How To Become A High Potential Employee

It’s a new year and a fresh start, which means: setting yourself up for success in the workplace – remote or otherwise! With high potential employees deemed more valuable in business at a rate of 91% more than non- HiPos (high potential employees), we enlist the ways to reach this level and the positive outcomes it can lead to.

Identify Traits & Put Them into Action


         1. Take the lead 

If there’s a project coming up, however big or small, be prepared and do the research. Particularly if it’s a group assignment, coordinate the tasks so each person is working within their strengths. Offer to be the POC (point of contact) in case anyone needs a little extra help; show your leadership qualities! This can also apply to training new people/ interns in your department. Set up windows of availability so that time can be used effectively.


         2. Meet business goals and targets

Recognize and hit goals and targets, track the progress using whichever tools necessary (perhaps Excel for metrics and software or analytics to capture the results). See what other thought leaders in the community are doing: check LinkedIn, industry websites and publications in how traction is gained if you get stuck.

          3. Look for opportunities for growth 

Review areas for improvement in the business, which can be identified with a SWOT analysis- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Look at the ways you can advance ROI , then strategize to plan and tackle.

          4. Come up with ideas

Brainstorming ideas to update and refresh processes if it makes sense to do so (for reasons such as saving time, improving work culture, cutting costs, etc) is always appreciated by senior staff who may not have the bandwidth to do so. Having implementation strategies ready is key here.

         5. Be reliable and punctual

Showing up on time every time is really important in proving to your employer that you’re dedicated and take your job seriously. Whether it’s meetings or being there at the start of the work day, handing in work when you say you will, this is all part of it.

         6. Always be professional

No matter what workplace you’re in, the status quo should always default to remaining professional in all circumstances. Even if your space is more casual or if there’s a work dinner, people will always pick up on if you ever say anything or do anything deemed unprofessional. Put your ‘work hat’ on and use that persona for work practises, it pays off!

         7. Have a results-driven mindset

Think of every task you do as being a way of generating some kind of business incentive. Whether that’s more followers, leads, clients, brand awareness, etc be cognizant of making each project really count.

          8. Ask questions

Be probing with team members if you need further explanations to create the best work possible / or don’t understand something clearly. And where there are pain points, investigate further to see if there’s anything you can do.

         9. Put yourself up for something new

Developing new skills diversifies your skill set, showing adaptability and advancement. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never a bad thing and can teach you a lot. It can be small scale to start off with, for example if there’s a meeting with stakeholders or investors ask if you can join and take notes. Senior team members can then look to you for thoughts on how the meeting went, leading to other possible future opportunities.

          10. Stay collected in high-pressure situations

At the time, a stressful situation can seem like it may swallow you up! However, taking a couple of minutes to think through steps logically can be helpful. See what may be the best course of action depending on the results in front of you, and  reach out to appropriate team members who may be able to offer advice.

            11. Seek mentorship

Being able to connect with someone who is a leader and has been through certain experiences and learned the lessons, can be invaluable to guiding you to a higher level of career development.


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Positive Outcomes

By strengthening the above traits, becoming a HiPo has great rewards and can lead to the following:

  • A role change/ promotion to a more senior or executive position
  • Being viewed as “top talent”, someone who easily attracts other companies and is valued highly as a candidate to be retained at current company
  • Salary increase
  • Gaining influence
  • Becoming an industry thought leader
  • Having an in-demand skill set


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