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2 min Interview with Sarah Gulbrandsen, President and COO, RingPartner

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Sarah Gulbrandsen is the President and COO of RingPartner, a Pay Per Call Performance Exchange Network based in Victoria, B.C.

RingPartner is a corporate client; and one of the biggest champions of Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture at workplaces in Victoria, B.C. Throughout our collaboration, we found the company’s President and COO, Sarah Gulbrandsen to be inspiring and a terrific role model for young women and leaders. We knew we had to introduce her to our community.

Q. Share a little about your role & about yourself

A. I am the President & COO of RingPartner, wife to Ben and mom to Lily and Wes. Life is so busy but good. Between cheering on my kids, preparing for board meetings, supporting my team, sneaking in some spin classes and encouraging my husband in his own business pursuits, the time has become a precious currency.

Q. How important is it for women to have easier access to like-minded friends and mentors and why?

A. I believe that we are heavily influenced by the five people that we spend the most time with. For this reason, women need to surround themselves with people who are going to empower and support them in whatever path they choose. Many studies have also shown that there is a link between well-being, health and even a longer life span for people who have meaningful social relationships. Access to like-minded friends and mentors could quite literally enhance & extend a woman’s life!

Q. What is the one advice you would give to young women who are just entering the workforce?

A. Be open to trying new things that may not initially be on your radar. Some of the most successful people I have met are those that are willing to let their careers evolve organically and shift into areas where there is a business need.

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