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EPISODE 3: The CEO Mom Featuring Paulina Cameron

In this episode of Women in the Workplace, Locelle founder and CEO, Humaira Ahmed interviews the powerhouse CEO of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE). We discuss work-life balance, the challenges and the joys and rewards of being a “CEO Mom” 👩‍💻

EPISODE 2: Discrimination Bias featuring Josh McKenty

In this episode, Locelle TV Founder Humaira Ahmed interviews highly accomplished tech founder Josh McKenty on the topic of discrimination bias in the workplace. Josh is the Founder at EQ Labs,. Inc., Former Vice President at Pivotal, Co-founder of OpenStack and an enterprise tech futurist, imagining and evangelizing how emerging technologies can unlock possibilities and empower humans to create a more meaningful future.

EPISODE 1: Privilege and Inequality featuring Stephanie Redivo

In our very first episode, Locelle Founder Humaira Ahmed interviews Stephanie Redivo, Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion Global, SAP. Stephanie has dedicated nearly a decade to the work in diversity and inclusion and shares some incredible insights as we review what privilege means in the workplace as well as how that can lead to inequality. Traditionally, we think of “white male ” privilege but it goes way beyond that.