Locelle launches women in the workplace series on its app

Locelle launches “Women in the Workplace” Interview series on its app.

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Victoria, B.C., November 21, 2019: Locelle, a corporate platform to connect women for networking, support and mentorship launches first of its kind – “Women in the Workplace series” today.

Over 60% of the women in male-dominated industries quit their jobs mid career due to isolation, frustration and loneliness. That is a big problem especially in today’s corporate climate when companies want to attract and retain female talent. “We know, as women, what the barriers are, and at Locelle, we are focused on helping women navigate those barriers and help them thrive” said, Humaira Ahmed, CEO of Locelle.

The new video series interviews women in the workplace who are navigating the barriers and discuss topics no one is talking about. “I think it’s about time we took action and actually learned from women who are in the midst of the barriers most women face and use their voice and experiences to share with other women how to navigate the challenges.”At the end of the day, we need to learn, grow and thrive – not survive.

Topics the series will cover include: privilege, inequality, stereotypes, equity, mental health, motherhood, etc.

The video series is only available to members of the app. The updated app is available on Android and iOS and free for individual members for now. To inquire about our corporate solution, contact partners@locelle.com


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