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This time-saving mentorship program called Mentor Moments combines Locelle’s customized matching system with a dedicated Mentorship Guide (one of our incredible teammates!) to manage: Pre-screening, Mentor-mentee matchmaking, Scheduling, Instant feedback.
From international speakers, experts in the DEI field and media professionals to serial entrepreneurs, global leadership coaches and SMB owners, Locelle has assembled the leading mentors all under one roof.
Through monthly roundtables on topics relevant to your career and challenges led by experts, we are committed to supporting you! Some topics include: Building influence, Speaking up, Stepping into leadership, Negotiation, Navigating work-life balance.
On the Locelle app, make meaningful connections with local women who have similar interests and career motivations. You can also reach outside your network to meet new friends, clients, allies, and leads in other cities, communities, professions, and industries.
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What Locelle Pro Members Are Saying
UX Lead

My mentor was compassionate and relatable, she offered helpful recommendations and next steps to help me on my journey. Speaking with her was an uplifting experience.

Sales Executive

It was great to talk about a new opportunity that I may have within my company and what should I know to prepare for it. Really enjoyed the session!

Sales & Marketing Manager

My mentor really helped bring more clarity to the direction I want to go. Her approach was just what I needed to carve out an initial path to my purpose. I’m so glad I took a chance on being a part of this program and look forward to more sessions!

HR Manager

I found it helpful to talk to a leader about how to take steps to be ready for a higher-level role and what I can do within my current role to learn new skills or take advantage of offerings within the company.

Technical Support Engineer

Wow! I could not be happier. My mentor is for sure a strong and very smart woman. Very knowledgeable in what she does, she is not just super busy but also very willing to help others. It was wonderful to meet her and very glad that she took some time to hear me and help me.